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The high-quality hand sanitizer has come to the rescue to control the spread of deadly coronavirus with a minimum of 70% use of alcohol in it as per WHO guidelines.


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Most effective and essential during this pandemic

This sanitizer is in fluid form and is designed to kill Covid-19 germs on your hands.

This particular alcohol-based hand sanitizer can keep you safe. If you are concerned over this deadly virus and its spreading ability then you can use hand-sanitizer to stop the spreading and make yourself clean.

  • Stop the spread of germs
  • Good hygiene and health
  • Reduce waste

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We are providing best and high-quality products

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    We are using the effective substance in the sanitizer that doesn’t burn any skin of yours.

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    We use the promising tools which have the ability to run the production even faster.

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    We make sure to pack the product, specifically and supply it faster as fast as we can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much alcohol does this sanitizer contain?

The following guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, The formulation in this sanitizer must have 70% alcohol. It will neutralize the virus and prevent its spread. We never obey the following guidelines and we make sure to provide the best sanitizer.

How much price of the product?

We generally supply whole packages, conversely, we do have our store where you can buy our sanitizers there easily. Check out our store.

How can I get a refund?

This is a non-refundable product as per some strict virus spreading guidelines. You must make yourself clear before buying this sanitizer.


Customers Reviews

This sanitizer makes protection against germs so easy. The 70 % alcohol-based hand sanitizer uses a smart spray system too that evenly distributes product onto your hands so you don't miss any spots.

Raisa Doel

Their pocket-size hand sanitizer is essential and straightforward. This lightly fragranced version contains ethyl alcohol and glycerin to kill 99.9 % of germs.

John Doe

Hands Sanitizer Spray keeps hands bacteria-free with a 70 % alcohol formula with aloe, glycerin, and calendula and chamomile extracts for an extra refreshing element.

Thomas Lee

This hand sanitizer comes in the sizes and houses organically grown aloe vera, essential nutrients, and glycerin to seal in moisture long after it's applied with its 70 % ethyl alcohol.

Shepa Thomas

Hand Sanitizer is an antibacterial gel made of 70 % alcohol. It includes ingredients like vitamin E and glycerin to fight off free radicals and moisturize your hands.

John Doe

Simple and to-the-point, this Hand Sanitizer is made with just four ingredients: alcohol (70 %), glycerin, water, and hydrogen peroxide. To help fight the coronavirus.

Thomas Lee

This Hand Sanitizer gives your hands consciously formulated protection against all types of germs. It contains 70 % ethyl alcohol to kill viruses and other harmful bacteria.

Raisa Doel

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